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  1. PRESS RELEASE: President Simpson, Speaker Sprowls Announce Legislative Agenda in Partnership with Gov. Ron DeSantis to Keep Florida Free, There is a special session occurring in Tallahassee to block federal vaccine mandates for employers. The Special Session bills each passed their first committee and will be headed to the floor. November 8, 2021 Florida Senate 

  2. Creating Intentional Joy In Work as a Teamwebinar Wednesday, November 17 @ 3:00 p.m. ET, This webinar will explore  examples from the home visiting field of how to embed Joy in Work into everyday practices. Rapid Response Virtual Home Visiting

  3. Here is a fun and  free Thanksgiving activity where your kiddos can color, trace, navigate a maze and cook up a yummy sweet potato recipe. Compliments from the National CACFP Sponsors Association


Please visit our COVID-19 Resource page, which is updated regularly, and the FHSA events list for more information. If there is something else you need guidance on, let us know - we will continue to work with state agencies and partners to answer your questions. 



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