What is Head Start

Head Start / Early Head Start

A comprehensive early education program servicing children from birth to five from at-risk backgrounds. Our center-based programs are designed to foster the development of children, including children experiencing homelessness and disabilities, in a safe, stimulating learning environment. 

Head Start

Head Start serves children three to five and engages parents as equal partners with their child's teacher ensuring positive growth and development both at school and at home. 

In Florida, there are 58 Head Start Grantee Recipients serving over 30,029 children.

The Head Start Program consists of the following program service areas:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Mental Health
  • Nutrition
  • Disabilities Services
  • Family Services
  • Parent Involvement
  • Head Start focuses on the needs of the entire family and partners with families to achieve self-sufficiency

Early Head Start

Early Head Start serves children from birth to three years old, pregnant women, and their families utilizing the same comprehensive approach as Head Start. Our program is committed to providing every young child with a language-rich, stimulating environment with the idea that the earliest intervention reaps the biggest rewards.

In Florida, there are 71 Early Head Start Grantee Recipients serving 12,242 children

Migrant & Seasonal Head Start/Early Head Start

The Migrant & Seasonal Head Start/Early Head Start programs serve children from birth to five years of age and their families. Migrant families move from one geographic location to another for agriculture work. Seasonal families work primarily in seasonal agriculture and have not moved in two years.

In Florida, there are 2 Migrant & Seasonal Head Start programs and 2 Migrant & Seasonal Early Head Start programs serving 2,709 children

50 Years in the Making: Head Start 


Head Start Timeline: Delve into key moments in Head Start history! Explore the timeline to access archival photographs, videos, resources, and more. Click here to access a PDF version.

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FHSA's Mission is to empower members to advocate, lead, and enhance the education, health, and social services provided to families by Head Start.