FHSA Region IV Representatives

FHSA Bylaws Article IX Section 1 requires the association to choose eight (8) representatives to serve on the Region IV Board of Directors prior to October 1 of each year. These representatives must include 2 Directors, 2 Staff, 2 Parents, and 2 Friends elected by their respective membership groups within the Association. Elected representatives must present a letter of support from the respective grantee or agency to serve on the Region IV Head Start Board of Directors. Term runs from October 1- September 30 each calendar year. Each Region IV Representative shall serve for a term of (2) years but no more than four (4) consecutive terms. 

Directors Affiliate Group
Dr. Maite Riestra-Quintero
Assistant Director Early Childhood Programs - Head Start and Early Head Start Division Miami-Dade Community Action and Human Services Department

Kathleen Sullivan 
Head Start Director & Vice President of Programs, Children First Inc. Head Start/Early Head Start

Staff Affiliate Group

Gloria Gonzalez
Regional Director
Redlands Christian Migrant Association


Parents Affiliate Group

Kimberly Mendez
Miami-Dade Community Action and Human Services Department

Nancy Eliassaint
LSF Head Start/Early Head Start

Friends Affiliate Group

Natacha Bazin
Licensed Mental Health Consultant