FHSA Region IV Representatives

FHSA Bylaws Article IX Section 1 require the association to choose eight (8) representatives to serve on the Region IV Board of Directors prior to October 1 of each year. These representatives must include 2 Directors, 2 Staff, 2 Parents and 2 Friends elected by their respective membership groups within the Association. Elected representatives must present a letter of support from the respective grantee or agency to serve on the Region IV Head Start Board of Directors. Term runs October 1, 2019 - September 30, 2020

Directors Affiliate Group
Heidi Rand
Director of Early Learning Programs
Mid Florida Community Services Head Start Program

LaTanya Wynn-Hall
Lutheran Services Florida HS/EHS - Duval County
Children's Home Society

Staff Affiliate Group

Vidya Deonarine
Education Coordinator
Orange County Head Start


Parents Affiliate Group

Maritza Vasquez
Orange County Head Start

Felecia McClendon
Redlands Christian Migrant Association

Friends Affiliate Group

Matti Friedt
Director Preschool Programs
Polk County School District Preschool Programs