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  1. Last Free Music Zoom Class with Nick Young on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 @ 10:00 AM, ET. Nick interacts with your students as they jump like a frog, fly like a bird, go riding on a train, read and play music notes with hand percussion instruments and tell musical stories. Take advantage of this opportunity for your kiddos to have a fun, engaging, memorable experience.  

  2. Don't miss these rules' workshops hosted by the Division of Early Learning which may affect your programs regarding the Statewide Contract for School Readiness, Provider Contract for the VPK Program, and more. Make sure you take a moment to view these workshops and sign up at this link.

  3. Facilitating Kindergarten Transitions: The Role of Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) between Head Start and Local Education Agencies, agreements between Head Start grantees and schools often lack clear strategies for successful kindergarten transition and instead typically describe high-level policy goals, researchers found. This project examined memoranda of understanding (MOUs) between Head Start programs and local education agencies (LEAs). “MOUs between Head Start programs and LEAs may not be meeting their full potential in aligning and supporting the implementation of cross-system transition strategies,” wrote Kyle DeMeo Cook, Mitchell R. Barrows, Stacy B. Ehrlich Loewe, Van-Kim Lin, and Nola du Toit. OPRE, September 2022

Please visit our WYNTK resource webpage, which is updated regularly, and the FHSA events list for more information. If there is something else you need guidance on, let us know - we will continue to work with state agencies and partners to answer your questions.  


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