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  1. Check out the extraordinary poster sessions featured during FHSA Leadership Training on February 8-9. Is your program doing something innovative and bold and wants to be featured during our Showcase of Excellence? Contact FHSA at (850) 694-6477 or email [email protected]. Remember to register to attend this year's awards luncheon sponsored by Kaplan Early Learning Company, where we will honor 11 award recipients.  

  2. Op/Ed by Ellyn Okrent, CEO of Fuller Center in Boca Raton,Our community, state, and nation cannot afford for this industry to collapse. It is entirely within our power to prevent that and at the same time, invest in our most precious resource: the children and their futures. The Boca Raton Tribune, November 15, 2022

  3. Check out this FREE Guide to Non-Federal Share for Head Start Agencies, This complete guide will give you a clear path toward your objectives and allow you to focus on getting all the contributions needed to accomplish them. This guide is compliments from Learning Genie Inc.

Please visit our WYNTK resource webpage, which is updated regularly, and the FHSA events list for more information. If there is something else you need guidance on, let us know - we will continue to work with state agencies and partners to answer your questions.  


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