1. NHSA Urges Congress to Reject Baseless FY24 Cuts to Head Start and Early Head Start, In response to last night’s Rules Committee hearing and the House’s potential consideration of HR 5894, NHSA released the following statement from Executive Director Yasmina Vinci: The House continues to senselessly hurdle toward consideration of the appropriations bill that will have devastating cuts to Head Start and Early Head Start. These cuts mean closed classrooms and parents with fewer early learning options while a child care crisis is raging. November 14, 2023

  2. ICYMI: The Florida Chamber Foundation webinar "Untapped Potential: Understanding and Solving Florida's Childcare Crisis." The Florida Chamber Foundation's latest report, Untapped Potential, a collaborative effort with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation explores this challenge at greater lengths in hopes of providing an understanding of how the childcare crisis impacts Florida parents and what support systems can be put in place to help them in their effort to work fulltime jobs while raising a family. To learn more about how barriers to childcare may impact your community and Florida’s economy, check out the Untapped Potential report by clicking here.

  3. Check out this fun and free Thanksgiving activity page to share with your Head Start cuties. Compliments from the National CACFP Sponsors Association 

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