Inclusion & Equity

Trauma-Informed Child Care

Target Audience: Directors, Family Support, Teachers: New, Teachers: Experienced

Alina Soto, Statewide Quality Liaison and Kathryn Schmidt, Operations Review Specialist, Department of Children and Families - Office of Child Care Regulation

Many children with extreme behaviors have experienced at least one traumatic event in their young lives. These behaviors often present challenges to child care providers, in some cases resulting in suspension, or expulsion. We will discuss trauma in early childhood, how it can impact early development which may lead to issues into adulthood, and DCF’s Trauma-Informed Care project, and new training.

How Adverse Childhood Experiences Affect Developmental Expectations

Target Audience: Administrators, Director Services Providers, Directors, Family Support, Teachers: new, Teachers: Experienced, Training & Technical Staff

Jennifer Morris and Greter Navarro, Mental Health and Disability Specialist, Community Coordinated Care for Children

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affect everyone, and often we don't realize the extent.  Often our teachers see a child "acting out" or having a delay and automatically assume the child needs intervention from Part C or Part B agencies, when the child's behaviors or development may be a result of ACEs.  This presentation will take participants through typical development and ponder the possible reasons for atypical development, and what strategies can be implemented in the classroom.