Curriculum/ Instruction / Inclusion Sessions 

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March 3, 2021

Let's Give them Something to Talk About: Supporting Language & Vocabulary Development in the Preschool ClassroomSuzanne D. Adinolfi

Recent research supports a strong connection between oral language and vocabulary skills and reading success. Expanding preschoolers' word and world knowledge fosters their development in several key areas and prepares them for school success and beyond. This session will focus on research, share creative classroom strategies, and provide high-quality early childhood professionals resources. The presenter will discuss best practices for delivering integrated activities that support language and vocabulary development throughout the day. Additionally, the presenter will share suggestions for community events and partnerships.

MARCH 4, 2021

Process Quality Throughout the Learning Environment, Ron Mohl, Lead Educational Presenter

As teachers, we must become facilitators who encourage children to expand their learning. The presenter will dive into how play promotes cognitive and social-emotional development in children. In this session, you will learn how to effectively plan and promote intentional play activities to allow children the opportunities to spark their curiosity. The presenter will identify process quality characteristics observed in three areas: emotional support, classroom organization, and instructional support.

Navegando Mundos Diversos: Autenticando la Conciencia Racial y Etnica de los Preescolares (Navigating Diverse Worlds: Addressing Preschooler's Racial and Ethnic Understanding)Ana L Gonzalez-Mora

Children are curious about differences. Dialoguing with preschoolers about racial identity and ethnicity can be difficult for educators. How can educators developmentally appropriately respond to children's inquiries and affirm their racial and cultural identities throughout the school year? In this presentation, we will examine children's cognitive and social-emotional development related to race and consider how our practices shape their identities and behaviors.

MARCH 5, 2021

Identifying Red Flags for Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Disabilities, Chelsea Pierce, M.Ed.

Teachers of young children have a lasting impact on their growth and development. During this session, participants will learn the most current statistics regarding diagnoses of ASD and other Developmental Disabilities. Participants will gain insight regarding differences between different diagnoses, common red flags to spot these challenges, and what to do next in the referral process. This session leaves participants feeling confident and well-equipped to support the needs of all learners.

Leveraging Developmentally Appropriate Practices to Provide Quality Distance LearningCody Summerville

Developmentally appropriate practices are essential, even when providing distance learning opportunities. This session empowers teachers and administrators to hold true to developmentally appropriate practices when adapting the learning environment for distance learning so that all children are meeting critical milestones and making progress towards kindergarten readiness.