Theme 8: Inclusion & Equity

Focuses on recognizing and responding to individual diversity in learners and on the dynamics of teaching and supporting diverse communities and classrooms.  Presentations in this theme should address a variety of areas that relate to inclusion and equity, including but not limited to, enrollment, tolerance, social-emotional development and supports, and disabilities regulations.  These sessions should provide supports for addressing the individualized needs of children with disabilities, including but not limited to those eligible for services under IDEA.  The presentations should provide innovative processes for ensuring all children have access to and can fully participate in the full range of program activities, parental support is encouraged, and teaching practices are appropriate.

  • Inclusive education (Part C & Part B)
  • Equity, participation and opportunity
  • Minorities and majorities: how these are changing
  • Special education, learning difficulties, disability
  • Autism/early detecting and intervention 
  • Staff health and wellness
  • Monitoring