Curriculum and Instruction

Building Your S.T.E.A.M. Team

Target Audience: Teachers: New Teachers: Experienced 

Ron Mohl, Lead Educational Presenter, Lakeshore Learning Materials

During this interactive journey, we will discuss developmentally appropriate activities for S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics). We will define each component and explore how they can be integrated into centers and throughout the learning environment. We will look at the learning environment through the natural curiosity of a child as we explore strategies that to be a partner to their play.

Family Upcycling Activities That Reinforce Academic Concepts AND Save Family Resources

Target Audience: Teachers: New Teachers: Experienced 

Dottie Ports, Retired Public School K-3 Teacher / Retired Educator

Through presentation and demonstration, workshop participants will learn how to help families fabricate creative and unique objects and books from readily available materials and items found in the home. This hands-on demonstration will show the participants how to use readily available upcyclables at home to make learning materials and books. The workshop ideas can be efficiently and effectively implemented at home using upcyclable materials.

Enjoying Books: The Importance of Early Literacy for Infants and Toddlers

Target Audience: Director Service Providers, Teachers: New, Training & Technical Staff

Jamie M Williams, Instructional Designer, Nemours Children's Health System

A strong foundation in literacy starts long before the preschool years. Early language and literacy development begins in the first three years of life and has a strong relationship with a child's first experiences with books. As educators of infants and toddlers, we can help develop a love for reading at an early age. Together we will explore the importance of early literacy and discover what we can do to bring the books and stories to life within our infant and toddler classrooms. The presentation explores how caregivers can make a positive impact on the learning content area of literacy starting with infants and toddlers, through best practices in literacy engagement and responsive teacher-child interactions.

Projects: The Original STEM/STEAM Curriculum Approach

Target Audience: Administrators, Directors, Teachers: New, Teachers: Experienced, Training & Technical Staff

Keith L Pentz, National Early Childhood Specialist, Kaplan Early Learning Company

Projects naturally support STEM/STEAM learning. Projects also encourage social skills. Projects meet individual needs. Projects are meaningful. If you are new to the concept of projects, come and find out what makes project work a great strategy. If you want a refresher about projects or need to know how to adapt project learning within your current instructional/academic requirements, come and hear how to make projects your “go to” strategy.

The Power of Observation in an Early Childhood Classroom

Target Audience:Teachers: New, Teachers: Experienced

Megan Alexander, Customer Success Manager, Teaching Strategies® 

This session is being sponsorship by Teaching Strategies®

Explore how useful observation can help you individualize instruction, strengthen family connections, and effect positive child growth over time. Participants will be given multiple opportunities to practice conducting inspections and define the qualities needed to make informative observations in the early childhood classroom.

Promoting Preschool Friendships

Target Audience: Teachers: New Teachers: Experienced 

Dr. Gigi David, Education Consultant, The Discovery Source

The Promoting Preschool Friendship presentation focuses on the teacher's role in facilitating positive peer interactions. Teachers will leave with an understanding of the importance of friendship skills and the need to provide varying levels of support for different students. The presentation will address dimensions of friendship skills: positive personal identity, recognizing and regulating emotions, joining in and sustaining play, conflict resolution. 

You Wanna Play With Me??? Enhancing Learning through Dramatic Play

Target Audience: Director Service Providers, Family Support, Teachers: New, Teachers: Experienced

Lillian McCuen, Educational Consultant, Education Networks

Dramatic play is much more than a few props in "housekeeping." When thought about intentionally dramatic play can enhance learning and development in many key areas. Join us as we play with puppets and dress up materials to understand the skills children refine while engaging in role play and make believe/pretend. In this interactive session, we will explore the four areas of development; social/emotional development, physical, cognitive and language. Come ready to play.