The Florida Head Start Association is the statewide voice for Head Start programs and the children and families they serve.  The association is enriched by its active and diverse membership, professionalism, collaboration, accountability, and focus on positive outcomes.  FHSA promotes excellence through data-driven decision-making, professional development opportunities, effective communication and exemplary leadership.


  • Ensuring the provision of high-quality, comprehensive services to pregnant women, children birth to school age and their families;

  • Providing high quality professional development and training for Head Start, Early Head Start and Migrant Head Start personnel  as well as parents, Policy Council and Board members and volunteers;

  • Advocacy for the development of policies and service delivery systems that  address the needs of low-income families with young children; and

  • Provision of a statewide forum for the continual enhancement of the status of birth to school age children and their families.